P. D. Khandait N. G. Bawane S. S. Limaye

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This study is aimed at analysing the reliability of a three-dimensional (3D) chip stacked package under cyclic thermal loading. The critical areas in the 3D chip stacked package are defined with(More)
There is a need for well characterized and economical type 2 diabetic model that mimics the human disease. We have developed a type 2 diabetes rat model that closely resembles the diabetic patients(More)
Moderate dietary or caloric restriction (DR) modulates animal physiology in a beneficial fashion. Previously, we have reported an equitoxic dose experiment where liver injury in DR male(More)
BACKGROUND Under compromised biliary regeneration, transdifferentiation of hepatocytes into biliary epithelial cells (BEC) has been previously observed in rats, upon exposure to BEC-specific toxicant(More)
Low temperature stacking of dies for 3D integration has been gaining interest due to the thermal sensitivity of some advanced node devices such as DRAM. Sn-based solder joint is considered as a(More)