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Contribution to the flora of Asian and European countries: new national and regional vascular plant records, 2
Four of the presented taxa (Coronopus didymus, Epilobium adenocaulon, Oenothera deflexa and Scirpus georgianus) are regarded as alien to the studied areas, whereas the other 16 are new native elements to the flora of the countries. Expand
Stipa dickorei sp. nov. (Poaceae), three new records and a checklist of feather grasses of China
Stipa dickorei sp. nov. from the Western Tibetan Plateau (China) is described. The new species is morphologically similar to S. regeliana , but they differ from each other in the length of ligules ofExpand
Multivariate morphometric analysis of the Stipa turkestanica group (Poaceae: Stipa sect. Stipa)
Based on numerical analyses of macromorphological characters, scanning electron microscopy observation of lemma and lamina micromorphology, and field observations, five taxa belonging to the Stipa turkestanica group have been recognized in the mountain area of Central Asia. Expand
Taxonomic notes on feather grasses (Poaceae: Stipa ) from eastern Kazakhstan with typification of seven names and one new combination
The present paper presents a complete list of feather grasses described by Kotukhov from Kazakhstan, with indications of types and the locations where they are preserved, an identification key and taxonomic notes regarding the discussed taxa. Expand
Lemma micromorphology and the systematics of Siberian species of Stipa (Poaceae)
Investigation of the lemma micromorphology of 17 species of Stipa using scanning electron microscopy revealed little correlation between the observed variation and the current sectional treatment of the species, supporting exclusion ofStipa borysthenica from StipA pennata. Expand
Fragmentation and environmental constraints influence genetic diversity and germination of Stipa pennata in natural steppes
The results show that fragmentation can have potentially strong effects even in natural grasslands, and recommend that any future restoration schemes take the observed pronounced genetic differentiation into account. Expand
Optimization of Polymerase Chain Reaction for Inter Simple Sequence Repeat Technique for Four Species of Plants
Polymerase chain reaction optimization for inter simple sequence repeat primers is a key factor to obtain accurate and reproducible results for gene mapping, studying the genetic structure ofExpand
Contribution to the flora of Asian and European countries: new national and regional vascular plant records, 8
ABSTRACT The paper presents new records of 24 vascular plant species from 11 Eurasian countries. One taxon (Orobanche laxissima) is reported from Armenia; one (Epipactis condensata) from Azerbaijan;Expand
Contribution to the flora of Asian and European countries: new national and regional vascular plant records, 3
Abstract The paper presents new records for 18 vascular plant species from six Eurasian countries. Three taxa (Lepidium densiflorum, Stipa czerepanovii, Xanthium albinum) are reported fromExpand
A Synopsis of the Genus Stipa (Poaceae) in Middle Asia, Including a Key to Species Identification, an Annotated Checklist, and Phytogeographic Analyses1
A critical review of the Mid-Asian representatives of Stipa is presented, together with an identification key and taxonomic listing, which describes four new nothospecies. Expand