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The autonomous mobile robot SENARIO: a sensor aided intelligent navigation system for powered wheelchairs
The SENARIO project is develoing a sensor-aided intelligent navigation system that provides high-level navigational aid to users of powered wheelchairs, while experiments on the fully autonomous mode are very encouraging. Expand
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Ionic conductivity of proton exchange membranes
Abstract Proton conductivity of a series of proton exchange membranes based on sulfonated αββ-trifluorostyrene- co -substituted-αββ-trifluorostyrenes (BAM ® ) (equivalent weight, EW, 735–407 g mol −1Expand
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Self-Localisation in the ‘Senario’ Autonomous Wheelchair
This paper introduces the Focused Stochastic Diffusion Network as a novel method of self-localisation for an autonomous wheelchair in a complex, busy environment. Expand
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Temperature and pressure dependence of O2 reduction at Pt | Nafion® 117 and Pt | BAM® 407 interfaces
Kinetic and mass transport parameters are determined for the oxygen reduction reaction at the interface between a 50 μm radius platinum disk electrode and two solid polymer electrolyte membranes —Expand
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Amperometric Ion Sensors Based on Laser Patterned Composite Polymer Membranes
Abstract A polymer membrane for the selective amperometric transfer and sensing of molecular ions has been designed and characterised. The membrane was formed from two polymer layers, a supportingExpand
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Effect of equivalent weight on electrochemical mass transport properties of oxygen in proton exchange membranes based on sulfonated α,β,β-trifluorostyrene (BAM®) and sulfonated
Abstract Mass transport parameters and limiting current densities are determined for a series of sulfonated α,β,β-trifluorostyrene-co-substituted-α,β,β-trifluorostyrene (BAM®) (EW 407-735 g mol−1)Expand
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Electrochemical oxygen reduction at composite films of Nafion®, polyaniline and Pt
Abstract Conducting polymer composite films comprised of polyaniline (PANI) and Nafion are prepared and investigated as a matrix for platinum (Pt) particles deposited both chemically andExpand
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Is scaling in turbidite deposition consistent with forcing by earthquakes
ABSTRACT Two hypotheses have been suggested to explain the statistical distribution of bed thickness in turbidite sequences: that it is a reflection of turbidite triggering by earthquakes occurringExpand
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Investigation of the kinetics of assisted potassium ion transfer by dibenzo-18-crown-6 at the micro-ITIES by means of steady-state voltammetry
Abstract Micropipettes, with internal tip diameters ranging from 1.2 to 38 μm, were fabricated using borosilicate glass capillaries. These were then used to support a micro-interface between twoExpand
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Investigation of the kinetics of ion and assisted ion transfer by the technique of ac impedance of the micro-ities
The microhole and micropipette tip-supported interface between two immiscible electrolyte solutions (ITIES) were used to study the kinetics of ion and assisted ion transfer reactions, respectively,Expand
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