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The Glaciological Studies of the Baffin Island Expedition, 1950
. The Bames Ice Cap on Baffin Island, N.W.T., Canada, was investigated during the summer of 1950. This ice cap, some 6000 sq. km. in extent, appears to have an approximately balanced budget, and yet
Baffin Island Expedition, 1953: A Preliminary Field Report
Contains description and brief summaries of results of the second Baffin Island Expedition of the Arctic Institute of North America, May-Sept. 1953. The 13-man party carried out a program in the
Baffin Island Expedition, 1950: A Preliminary Report
Brief resume by the leader, of the personnel, itinerary, camps, transportation and program of an expedition sponsored by Arctic Institute of North America, Royal Canadian Air Force, Geological Survey
Preparation of starch fromAmaranthus cruentus seed
An essentially clean preparation of Amaranthus cruentus starch, which could readily be resuspended in water without clumping, was obtained from the seeds by means of centrifuging, sedimentation and treatments with potassium hydroxide solution.
The Baffin Island Expedition, 1950
I venture to begin my paper with a considerable digression on the general subject of exploration in Arctic Canada, and on the problems of expeditionary planning. I believe that this Society last