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The Atlantic Slave Trade: A Census.
Curtin combines modern research and statistical methods with his broad knowledge of the field to present the first book-length quantitative analysis of the Atlantic slave trade. Its basic evidenceExpand
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Cross-cultural trade in world history
A single theme is pursued in this book - the trade between peoples of differing cultures through world history. Extending from the ancient world to the coming of the commercial revolution, ProfessorExpand
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Colonizing the body: state medicine and epidemic disease in nineteenth-century India
colonizing the body state medicine and epidemic disease in colonizing the body state medicine and epidemic disease in colonizing the body state medicine and epidemic disease in e.b.o.o.k colonizingExpand
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The Image of Africa
In wondering the things that you should do, reading can be a new choice of you in making new things. It's always said that reading will always help you to overcome something to better. Yeah, an imageExpand
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African History: From Earliest Times to Independence
Part 1 The roots of African culture. Part 2 Northern Africa in a wider world. Part 3 Africa north of the forest in the early Islamic age. Part 4 Economy, society, and language in early East Africa.Expand
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The Atlantic slave trade
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Death by Migration: Europe's Encounter with the Tropical World in the Nineteenth Century
List of tables, figures, and maps Preface List of abbreviations 1. The mortality revolution and the tropical world: relocation costs in the early nineteenth century 2. Sanitation and tropical hygieneExpand
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The Rise and Fall of the Plantation Complex: Essays in Atlantic History
Over a period of several centuries, Europeans overseas developed an intricate system of plantation agriculture - a plantation complex - that was different from the agricultural institutions theyExpand
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