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The Ecology of Athrotaxis D. Don (Taxodiaceae). I. Stand Structure and Regeneration of A. cupressoides
Athrotaxis cupressoides forms stands of varying size class and age class structure in the high subalpine and alpine environments of Tasmania. As with some other southern hemisphere gymnosperms withExpand
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The Ecology of Athrotaxis D. Don (Taxodiaceae). II. The Distributions and Ecological Differentiation of A. Cupressoides and A. selaginoides
Athrotaxis selaginoides and A. cupressoides are potentially interbreeding species with partly overlapping ranges. The two Athrotaxis species occur in a wide range of floristic types, with A.Expand
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Regeneration of Athrotaxis selaginoides and other rainforest tree species on landslide faces in Tasmania
Seedling surveys indicated that landslide faces provide opportunities for Athrotaxis selaginoides and Nothofagus cunninghamii to regenerate in thamnic and high altitude callidendrous rainforest. TheExpand
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Report on Cholera in the Hoshungabad District during 1871-1872
  • Pj Cullen
  • Medicine, Geography
  • The Indian medical gazette
  • 1 July 1873