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Increases in surface flavonols and photosynthetic pigments in Gnaphalium luteo-album in response to UV-B radiation
The results support the view that surface flavonols are produced by plants as a protective device to shield the leaf from damage by UV-B radiation. Expand
Pronuciferine N-oxide, a proaporphine N-oxide alkaloid from Berberis coletioides.
Compound 1 is the first naturally occurring proaporphine N-methyl-N-oxide alkaloid with an N-oxide functionality, and was determined by spectroscopic evidence. Expand
Changes in Epicuticular Flavonoids and Photosynthetic Pigments as a Plant Response to UV-B Radiation
Spectrophotometric analysis of the photosynthetic pigments showed that UV-B radiation also increases the pigment content in treated plants, and this combination of physiological and phytochemical effects may be interpreted as a plant response toUV-B stress. Expand
Biological activity of some Patagonian plants.
Citotoxicity (inhibition of cell division in fertilized eggs of Loxechinus albus) and general toxicity (using embryos of Artemia salina) of plants belonging to the genera Senecio, Deschampsia,Expand
Sesquiterpenes, flavonoids, shikimic acid derivatives and pyrrolizidine alkaloids from Senecio kingii Hook.
Twenty-four compounds isolated from Senecio kingii, an endemic species from the Magallanes Region (Chile) have not been previously reported as natural products and their molecular structures were determined by NMR spectroscopic analysis and comparison with published NMR data. Expand
The recurvatianes: a suite of oxygenated guaiane sesquiterpenes from Perezia recurvata.
The suite of guaiane-based metabolites reported, which are named recurvatianes A-F, provide an example of a pathway by which molecular diversity is generated by the occurrence of specific oxidation reactions in the late biosynthetic steps of the frame structure. Expand
Differential expression after UV-B radiation and characterization of chalcone synthase from the Patagonian hairgrass Deschampsia antarctica.
The family of genes encoding chalcone synthase, a key enzyme of the flavonoid biosynthetic pathway, is characterized and DaCHS can be grouped together with H. vulgare CHS1 in the same branch. Expand
Acylated flavonoid aglycones from Gnaphalium robustum.
Abstract Two new acylated flavonoid aglycones have been isolated from the resinous exudate of Gnaphalium robustum . Their structures were elucidated by high resolution spectroscopic methods, asExpand
Effects of UV-B radiation on the Patagonian Jaborosa magellanica Brisben.
Spectrophotometric analysis showed that UV-B radiation decreases the chlorophylls content, and increases the amount ofUV-B absorbing compounds (e.g., phenylpropanoids) and a high degree of polymorphism was detected when treated plants were compared to non-irradiated plants. Expand
Effects of UVB Radiation on the Initial Stages of Growth of Gigartina Skottsbergii, Sarcothalia Crispata and Mazzaella Laminarioides (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta)
Differential effects of UVB radiation on G. skottsbergii, S. crispata and M. laminarioides could interfere with the natural populations of these economically important macroalgal species in southern Chile, where they occur under the annual influence of the Antarctic Ozone Hole and the general thinning of the ozone layer. Expand