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Freshwater Methane Emissions Offset the Continental Carbon Sink
Inland freshwaters, which include lakes, reservoirs, streams, and rivers, may emit far more methane than previously thought. Inland waters (lakes, reservoirs, streams, and rivers) are oftenExpand
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Carbon in Amazon Forests: Unexpected Seasonal Fluxes and Disturbance-Induced Losses
The net ecosystem exchange of carbon dioxide was measured by eddy covariance methods for 3 years in two old-growth forest sites near Santarém, Brazil. Carbon was lost in the wet season and gained inExpand
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Effect of a lowered water table on nitrous oxide fluxes from northern peatlands
NORTHERN peatlands contain 20–30% of the total organic nitrogen and carbon in the world's soils1,2, and thus they apparently have the potential to exert a significant influence on the globalExpand
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Quantifying the effect of oxidation on landfill methane emissions
Field, laboratory, and computer modeling methods were utilized to quantitatively assess the capability of aerobic microorganisms to oxidize landfill-derived methane (CH4) in cover soils. TheExpand
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Nitrous oxide emissions from municipal wastewater treatment.
Nitrous oxide (N 2 0) emissions from primary and secondary wastewater treatment processes were measured during spring and summer 1993 in Durham, NH. The most significant emissions occurred duringExpand
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The Boreal Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study (BOREAS) : an overview and early results from the 1994 field year
Abstract The Boreal Ecosystem Atmosphere Study (BOREAS) is large-scale international field experiment that has the goal of improving our understanding of the exchanges of radiative energy, heatExpand
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Thawing sub-arctic permafrost - effects on vegetation and methane emissions
Ecosystems along the 0degreesC mean annual isotherm are arguably among the most sensitive to changing climate and mires in these regions emit significant amounts of the important greenhouse gasExpand
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Seasonal patterns of methane uptake and carbon dioxide release by a temperate woodland soil
Direct measurements of CH4 and CO2 atmosphere/soil exchange with a drained upland inceptisol were made over a 2-year period in a mixed hardwood forest in New Hampshire. Soil gas concentrations of CH4Expand
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Fine root dynamics and trace gas fluxes in two lowland tropical forest soils.
Fine root dynamics have the potential to contribute significantly to ecosystem-scale biogeochemical cycling, including the production and emission of greenhouse gases. This is particularly true inExpand
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BOREAS in 1997: Experiment overview, scientific results, and future directions
The goal of the Boreal Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study (BOREAS) is to improve our understanding of the interactions between the boreal forest biome and the atmosphere in order to clarify their roles inExpand
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