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The Genus Cypripedium
In this monograph, distinguished author Phillip Cribb has considered the history, biology, evolution, conservation, cultivation, and classification of the temperate slipper orchids of the genus
Orchid conservation: A global perspective
These organisations have a vital role to play in countering the trend of biodiversity loss by promoting effective orchid conservation, improving networking and technology transfer, interacting with decision-makers, and in educating the orchid community.
Significance of sighting rate in inferring extinction and threat.
A probabilistic method is applied that incorporates sighting rate to the sighting record of Vietnamese slipper orchids (Paphiopedilum) and generates a probability that another sighting will occur given the previous sighting rate and the time since last observation.
The Genus Paphiopedilum
A new infrageneric classification and synopsis of the genus Vanilla Plum. ex Mill. (Orchidaceae: Vanillinae)
An updated, annotated checklist of the species of the genus Vanilla, with information on nomenclature, distribution, literature and examined specimens, and a new proposal of infrageneric classification of Vanilla is provided.