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Dynamic Endothelial Cell Rearrangements Drive Developmental Vessel Regression
It is proposed that balanced movement of cells maintains the primitive plexus under low shear conditions in a metastable dynamic state and predicted that flow-induced polarized migration of endothelial cells breaks symmetry and leads to stabilization of high flow/ shear segments and regression of adjacent low flow/shear segments. Expand
Frontiers of Complexity: The Search for Order in a Chaotic World, Peter Coveney and Roger Highfield. 1995. Random House, Inc., New York, NY. 480 pages. ISBN: 0-449-90832-1. $27.50
This comprehensive work investigates: the role of computers in the understanding of complexity; spontaneous emergence of order in the universe; how nature can solve problems that traditionally defeatExpand
Scalable Quantum Simulation of Molecular Energies
We report the first electronic structure calculation performed on a quantum computer without exponentially costly precompilation. We use a programmable array of superconducting qubits to compute theExpand
Clay swelling — A challenge in the oilfield
Water-based drilling fluids are increasingly being used for oil and gas exploration, and are generally considered to be more environmentally acceptable than oil-based or synthetic-based fluids.Expand
Computational steering in realitygrid
The motivations for computational steering are reviewed and the capabilities of the RealityGrid steering library are outlined and the service-oriented architecture of the latest implementation is described, in which the steering controls of the application are exposed through an OGSI-compliant Grid service. Expand
Monte Carlo Molecular Modeling Studies of Hydrated Li-, Na-, and K-Smectites: Understanding the Role of Potassium as a Clay Swelling Inhibitor
Monte Carlo molecular modeling simulations have been performed to investigate some of the microscopic mechanisms underlying smectite clay swelling. The systems we have studied represent hydratedExpand
HemeLB: A high performance parallel lattice-Boltzmann code for large scale fluid flow in complex geometries
The lattice-Boltzmann model and the structure of the code are discussed, and the fluid solver is highly optimized and the resulting computational core is very fast. Expand
Correction: Dynamic Endothelial Cell Rearrangements Drive Developmental Vessel Regression
This research presents a novel probabilistic approach to estimating the response of the immune system to laser-spot assisted, 3D image recognition technology. Expand
From Molecular Dynamics to Dissipative Particle Dynamics
A procedure is introduced for deriving a coarse-grained dissipative particle dynamics from molecular dynamics. The rules of the dissipative particle dynamics are derived from the underlying molecularExpand