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Total mercury in muscle tissue of five shark species from Brazilian offshore waters: effects of feeding habit, sex, and length.
Results indicate that feeding habits influence total mercury level in sharks, and mercury levels were generally higher in males than in females for all species (with the exception of S. mitsukurii), but a statistically significant correlation was observed only for M. canis. Expand
Fish Biodiversity of the Vitória-Trindade Seamount Chain, Southwestern Atlantic: An Updated Database
This study presents and analyzes an extensive database on the VTC fish biodiversity, built on data compiled from literature and recent scientific expeditions that assessed both shallow to mesophotic environments. Expand
Reef fisheries in Porto Seguro, eastern Brazilian coast
Abstract Fish landings in Porto Seguro, in the eastern Brazilian coast, were monitored from September 1997 to August 1999 to describe the predominant species caught, the catch per unit effort (CPUE)Expand
Length-weight relationships of marine fishes from the central Brazilian coast
Parameters of the length-weight relationship are presented for 85 fish species from the marine and estuarine regions of the central Brazilian coast (latitude 13░ to 23░ S). Three different methodsExpand
Deep-sea ophidiiform fishes collected on the Brazilian continental slope, between 11 o and 23 o S
This paper provides a checklist to and an identification key for all ophidiiform fishes from Brazil, totaling 45 species, including 15 species that represent new records for Brazilian waters. Expand
Lanternfish (Myctophidae) from eastern Brazil, southwest Atlantic Ocean
Twenty-nine species from 11 genera of Myctophidae were taken in daytime midwater and bottom trawl hauls off eastern Brazil (11 o -22 o S). Trawls were performed aboard the French R/V Thalassa toExpand
On new collections of deep-sea Gadiformes (Actinopterygii: Teleostei) from the Brazilian continental slope, between 11° and 23° S
New collections made by the French research vessel Thalassa and the Brazilian Astro Garoupa on the Brazilian continental slope revealed a great diversity of deep-sea gadiforms obtained between 200 and 2270 m. Expand
Fishes of the family Ipnopidae (Teleostei: Aulopiformes) collected on the Brazilian continental slope between 11 degrees and 23 degrees S.
A collection of fishes from the Brazilian continental slope between 11 degrees and 23 degrees S obtained through trawling revealed nine species of Ipnopidae, including first records from the south-western Atlantic Ocean and four species have their distribution extended in Brazilian waters. Expand
Deep-sea bigscales, pricklefishes, gibberfishes and whalefishes (Teleostei: Stephanoberycoidei) off Brazil: new records, range extensions for the south-western Atlantic Ocean and remarks on the
Nine species of the Stephanoberycoidei are reported here for the first time in Brazilian waters, and most of them represent new range extensions for the south-western Atlantic Ocean. Expand
New records of Aphyonidae (Teleostei: Ophidiiformes) from the south‐western Atlantic
During austral summer and winter of 2003, three specimens of Aphyonus gelatinosus and one specimen of Barathronus bicolor were trawled off Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Expand