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Acute and chronic microsphere loss from canine left ventricular myocardium.
Losses were not greater for infarcted than normal muscle, and negligible radioactivity appeared in paracardiac lymph nodes, so that microspheres with diameters 10-14 (mean 12) micrometers might be the best size to use for myocardial studies. Expand
Mechanisms of vascular preservation by a novel NO donor following rat carotid artery intimal injury.
This is the first study to demonstrate that NO plays a dual role in vascular cell proliferation, stimulating endothelial cells but inhibiting smooth muscle cell proliferation and an in vivo reduction in neointimal thickening and an acceleration of endothelial recovery determined by both anatomic and functional methods. Expand
Fatty liver. Chemical shift phase-difference and suppression magnetic resonance imaging techniques in animals, phantoms, and humans.
Phantom, animal, and human data demonstrate that comparison of T1-weighted in-phase and opposed-phase images is both practical and sensitive in the detection and grading of fatty liver. Expand
Immediate and long-term effects of angioplasty-balloon dilation on normal rabbit iliac artery.
The studies demonstrate that the effects of dilatation of the normal artery are partially reversible, suggest that restenosis after angioplasty is more likely to be due to intimal proliferation than increased arterial stiffness, and suggest that vasospasm of arteries after long-term recovery from the dilation is morelikely to be mediated by serotonin than by norepinephrine. Expand
Barium enema examination following biopsy of the rectum or colon.
The results suggest that superficial biopsy of the rectum of colon performed with small colonoscopic forceps is a safe procedure and no waiting period is necessary before performing a barium enema study. Expand
Ultrasonic evaluation of erythrocyte aggregation dynamics.
The dynamics of aggregation and disaggregation of blood of varying hematocrit in oscillatory flow in a distensible horizontal tube was determined by measuring the developing echo intensity of theExpand
Magnetic resonance chemical shift imaging and spectroscopy of atherosclerotic plaque.
Findings indicate that in vivo MRI of plaque is technically feasible and can be markedly improved using chemical shift imaging. Expand
Use of endothelial cells containing superparamagnetic microspheres to improve endothelial cell delivery to arterial surfaces after angioplasty.
The presence of superparamagnetic microspheres in cells does not impede cell adhesion but does decrease cell retention after exposure to a fluid shear, and delivery of a mixture of ECs and MagECs in combination with animal rotation and a magnetic field provide nearly circumferential delivery. Expand
Pathogenesis of atherosclerosis.
  • P. Consigny
  • Medicine
  • AJR. American journal of roentgenology
  • 1 March 1995
This overview will focus on one hypothesis of atherosclerosis development, the modified response-to-injury hypothesis, which can serve as a framework on which researchers can build a more complete understanding of the processes involved in this complicated, multifactorial disease. Expand
Chemical Renal Denervation in the Rat
A rat model in which depletion of renal norepinephrine (NE) could be used to determine the efficacy of renal denervation after the delivery of a chemical to the periadventitial space of the renal artery was developed. Expand