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Consuming Ethics: Articulating the Subjects and Spaces of Ethical Consumption
Geography’s debates about how to maintain a sense of morally responsible action often emphasise the problematic nature of caring at a distance, and take for granted particular kinds of moral selfhood
Geographies of postsecular rapprochement in the city1
This paper explores the emergence of urban spaces of partnership between people of faith and those of no religious faith who come together to offer care, welfare and justice to socially excluded
Dwelling, Place, and Landscape: An Orchard in Somerset
In this paper we seek to develop the concept of dwelling as a means of theorising place and landscape. We do this for two interconnected reasons. First, dwelling has come to the fore recently as an
Deliver us from evil? Prospects for living ethically and acting politically in human geography
This paper addresses the dilemma of how easy it is to talk and write about human geographies of ethics and justice compared to the difficulties of living out those geographies in our everyday life
Commodification and Adventure in New Zealand Tourism
This paper discusses the ways in which the commodification of adventure in tourism has increasingly become implicated in the production and consumption of tourist places. It examines the notion of
Swept Up Lives?: Re-envisioning the Homeless City
Re-envisioning the Homeless City: From Neoliberalization to Postsecularism and on the Margins of the Homeless city: Caring for Homeless People in Rural Areas 241.
Tree Cultures: The Place of Trees and Trees in Their Place
The relationship between nature and culture has become a popular focus in social science, but there have been few grounded accounts of trees. Providing shelter, fuel, food and tools, trees have
Globalizing Responsibility: The Political Rationalities of Ethical Consumption
Globalizing Responsibility: The Political Rationalities of Ethical Consumption presents an innovative reinterpretation of the forces that have shaped the remarkable growth of ethical consumption.