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Trends in dental caries in Latin American and Caribbean 5-6- and 11-13-year-old children: a systematic review.
OBJECTIVES To determine trends in dental caries prevalence and severity in Latin America and Caribbean. METHODS A systematic review was done of studies published between 1970 and 2000 among 5-6-Expand
Effect of topical application of doxycycline on pulp revascularization and periodontal healing in reimplanted monkey incisors.
Maxillary incisors in 47 monkeys, 54 in the experimental group (I) and 117 in the control group (II), were extracted and reimplanted, either immediately or after 30 or 60 min wet or dry storage.Expand
Pulp response to ferric sulfate, diluted formocresol and IRM in pulpotomized primary baboon teeth.
This study investigated the pulp response to a 15.5 percent ferric sulfate solution (FS) and a 20 percent dilution of formocresol (DFC) in pulpotomized primary teeth of baboons, after four and eightExpand
Dental clinic attendance in Soweto, South Africa, before and after the introduction of free primary dental health services.
OBJECTIVE To compare patient attendance rates 1 year before and after the introduction of free primary dental health services in Soweto, South Africa. METHODS Monthly clinic records for clinicExpand
The relationship of the greater palatine foramen to the molar teeth and pterygoid hamulus in human skulls.
Abstract The exact location of the greater palatine foramen is important to clinicians when administering certain types of local anaesthesia as well as performing certain surgical procedures in theExpand
Maxillofacial injuries in a group of South Africans under 18 years of age.
OBJECTIVE To find out the incidence of maxillofacial injuries in South African children aged 18 years or less. DESIGN Retrospective study of casenotes. SETTING Six teaching hospitals affiliatedExpand
An evaluation of 566 cases of root canal therapy in general dental practice. 2. Postoperative observations.
The clinical and radiological success of endodontic treatment on 566 teeth was assessed. Treatment was successful in 87.4% of cases; nearly equal success was obtained in vital and nonvital teeth.Expand
Global trends in dental fluorosis from 1980 to 2000: a systematic review.
AIM To determine trends in fluorosis prevalence at water fluoride levels <0.3, >0.3 to <0.7, and >0.7 to 1.4 ppm from 1980 to 2000. METHODS A systematic review of 55 published articles identifiedExpand
Process error rates in general research applications to the Human Research Ethics Committee (Medical) at the University of the Witwatersrand: A secondary data analysis
Objective. To examine process error rates in applications for ethics clearance of health research. Methods. Minutes of 586 general research applications made to a human health research ethicsExpand
Experimental fractures of monkey mandibles.
Forty vervet monkey half mandibles, 20 with unerupted third molars and 20 with erupted third molars, were partially embedded in acrylic and loaded in an Instron tensiometer. Mandibles with uneruptedExpand