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Great depression in Europe, 1929-1939
Acknowledgements List of Tables Introduction Frustrated Expectations, 1919-1924 The Price of Stability, 1924-1929 A European Revival? 1925-1928 Into the Whirlwind, 1927-1931 In the Depths ofExpand
Securing the World Economy: The Reinvention of the League of Nations, 1920-1946
Securing the World Economy explains how efforts to support global capitalism became a core objective of the League of Nations. Based on new research drawn together from archives on three continents,Expand
Transnationalism and the League of Nations: Understanding the Work of Its Economic and Financial Organisation
This article explores the work of the little-studied Economic and Financial Organisation of the League of Nations. It offers a sustained investigation into how this international organisationExpand
Time, Manner, Place: Writing Modern European History in Global, Transnational and International Contexts
The article examines the origins and relationships between global, transnational history and international history, and the potential of these fields of enquiry to reshape European history. DividedExpand
Defining Transnationalism
  • P. Clavin
  • Contemporary European History
  • 1 November 2005
This article offers an introduction to the essays in the theme issue, an overview of the reasons behind the recent resurgence of interest in transnationalist phenomena and a consideration of what theExpand
The Role of International Organizations in Europeanization: The Case of the League of Nations and the European Economic Community
Europeanization is a given of twentieth-century European history. At the level of social and economic history in particular, many studies emphasize an increased level of intra-European exchange,Expand
The Austrian hunger crisis and the genesis of international organization after the First World War
From its foundation in 1918, the new Austrian republic was gripped by famine and a crisis of confidence in its currency that threatened to tip the new state into hyperinflation and revolution. ThisExpand