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Study of free and occluded particulate organic matter in soils by solid state 13C Cp/MAS NMR spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy
A simple densimetric method for the separation of free and occluded particulate organic materials was developed and applied to five virgin soils. The free organic matter was isolated by suspending
Soil structure and carbon cycling
Samples from the surface horizons of six virgin soils were collected and separated into density fractions. Based on the spatial distribution of organic materials within the mineral matrix of soil,
Assessing the extent of decomposition of natural organic materials using solid-state 13C NMR spectroscopy
Solid-state 13C nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy has become an important tool for examining the chemical structure of natural organic materials and the chemical changes associated with
Resprouting as a key functional trait: how buds, protection and resources drive persistence after fire.
A buds-protection-resources (BPR) framework for understanding resprouting in fire-prone ecosystems, based on bud bank location, bud protection, and how buds are resourced is developed, which provides insights into resprouted typologies that include both fire resisters and fire resprouters.
The chemistry and nature of protected carbon in soil
The nature of organic carbon in the < 2, 2–20, 20–53, 53–200, and 200–2000 mu m fractions of four surface soils was determined using solid state 13C nuclear magnetic resonance (n.m.r.) spectroscopy
Crustal strain in central Greece from repeated GPS measurements in the interval 1989–1997
Summary A 66-station GPS network spanning central Greece, first observed in 1989, has been occupied fully on three occasions: June 1989, October 1991 and May 1993. Subsets of this network bounding
Dispersal of grey mangrove (Avicennia marina) propagules in southeastern Australia
Dispersal between populations is likely to be a rare event in southeastern Australia because of low numbers of floating propagules, the discontinuous distribution of habitat and the hazards of recruitment, and recovery from mass mortality within an estuary will be slow.
Geodetic strain in peninsular Italy between 1875 and 2001
[1] We determine geodetic strain in peninsular Italy by the GPS reoccupation of the first order triangulation network of Italy installed from 1860. The uncertainties in the original measurements
The effects of seed predators on the recruitment of mangroves
Propagule (diaspore) predation by crabs has been shown to be a major source of mortality for mangroves, and analysis of covariance of predation and establishment showed that establishment success is strongly controlled by predation in six of the nine species tested.
Inversion of Earth's changing shape to weigh sea level in static equilibrium with surface mass redistribution
[1] We develop a spectral inversion method for mass redistribution on the Earth's surface given geodetic measurements of the solid Earth's geometrical shape, using the elastic load Love numbers.