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A New Interpretation of the Hubble Law
We propose a new interpretation of Hubble law. Waves are observed in the observer space-time. It defines the observer proper time T. Space-time is composed of three spatial dimensions and threeExpand
A Multiprocessor Based On An Optical Crossbar Network : The MILORD Project
We present here the MILORD project developed by CERT for three years. Expand
Burst illumination imaging lidar: intensity correlation function in the image plane
The speckle pattern in the image plane of the burst illumination imaging lidar system is characterized by the intensity correlation function. This speckle pattern, specific to coherent laser light,Expand
Optical Crossbar Network Analysis
We analyse optical solutions to realize crossbar networks in which connected users can send and receive information with all the others. Transmitters, receivers and links are now on the shelf.Expand
From inter-system to ICs level, VCSEL as a key component for optoelectronic active interconnects, a survey
The purpose of this paper is to show the determinant role of Vertical surface Emitting lasers (VCSEL's) in current optical interconnects. We compare VCSEL based approach to to MQW-Modulator basedExpand
Burst illumination laser imaging system for long-range observation
This paper presents experimental results on burst illumination laser (BIL) imagery for long range a identification. Our interest is to study the feasibility of an identification sensor operating inExpand
Model of a burst imaging lidar through the atmosphere
This paper presents a model used to predict the performances of a burst illumination imaging lidar propagating through the atmosphere. The laser beam propagates near the ground on a long distance andExpand
Modelization, performance evaluation, and experimental validation of a new drops granulometry optical measurement method
In particle size measurement by imaging methods, two types of illumination are encountered: coherent and non-coherent. For both the analyzed volume is limited by out of focus effects. The aim of ourExpand
On-board calibration device for a wide field-of-view instrument
The imaging instrument and main subassemblies, and the calibration device on board the Vegetation remote sensing mission are described. The possible error sources are examined and the finalExpand
Hybridization of Fresnel diffractive microlens and VCSEL arrays for free-space optical interconnections
Multi-level electronic integration of massively parallel computers leads to latency effects and 110 bottlenecks. Free space optical interconnections might be a good alternative to interconnectExpand