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Sequence of subterranean clover stunt virus DNA: affinities with the geminiviruses.
The nucleotide sequences of seven circular, single-stranded DNA components of one isolate of subterranean clover stunt virus (SCSV) have been determined. Each component, of about 1 kb, appears toExpand
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Replication strategy of Kunjin virus: evidence for recycling role of replicative form RNA as template in semiconservative and asymmetric replication.
Only three forms of Kunjin virus-specified RNA were isolated from cytoplasm early after the latent period (about 15 hr) viz., 44 S genomic-sized single-stranded RNA, 20 S double-stranded "replicativeExpand
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Detection of five seedborne legume viruses in one sensitive multiplex polymerase chain reaction test.
A reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) assay has been developed that can simultaneously test a sample, in one tube, for the presence of five seedborne legume viruses that are ofExpand
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Novel virus-like particles containing circular single-stranded DNAs associated with subterranean clover stunt disease.
Novel virus-like particles, 17-19 nm in diameter, have been isolated from subterranean clover and pea plants infected with the pathogen of subterranean clover stunt disease (SCSD). The structure andExpand
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Subterranean clover mottle virus: another virus from Australia with encapsidated viroid‐like RNA
A new virus, subterranean clover mottle virus (SCMoV) was found at several locations in Western Australia in Trifolium subterraneum L. (subterranean clover) with severe disease symptoms. Paiticles ofExpand
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Molecular and ultrastructural analysis of heavy membrane fractions associated with the replication of Kunjin virus RNA
SummaryIn subcellular extracts of Kunjin virus-infected cells prepared by lysis and differential centrifugation, the viral RNA polymerase, RNA and proteins were associated mainly with cytoplasm. WhenExpand
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Putative full-length clones of the genomic DNA segments of subterranean clover stunt virus and identification of the segment coding for the viral coat protein.
Subterranean clover stunt disease is an economically important aphid-borne virus disease affecting certain pasture and grain legumes in Australia. The virus associated with the disease, subterraneanExpand
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Characterization of Kunjin virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase: Reinitiation of synthesis in Vitro
Abstract RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RDRP) activity was characterized in a cytoplasmic extract of Kunjin virus-infected Vero cells at 24 hr. The activity was influenced, possibly indirectly,Expand
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New Approaches to the Detection of Microbial Plant Pathogens
In this review, ways of detecting plant pathogens are divided into specific and non-specific methods. Specific methods are those which are used to detect a particular species or group of pathogensExpand
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Detection of lettuce necrotic yellows virus by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in plant hosts and the insect vector.
SUMMARY An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) system for the rapid detection of the plant rhabdovirus, lettuce necrotic yellows virus (LNYV) in plant hosts and individual aphid vector isExpand
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