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Alkaline Hydrolysate of Waste Sheep Wool Aimed as Fertilizer
ABSTRACT Suitable conditions were found for hydrolysis of sheep wool by a mixture of potassium hydroxide and some quantities of sodium hydroxide at elevated temperature (120° C) and pressure (2.03Expand
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A Wasteless Method for Utilization of Bones and Other Wastes Obtained at Industrial Processing of Hens
ABSTRACT Currently materials released by hen-processing plants are landfilled. An easy for performance and application method for partial hydrolysis by ortho-phosphoric acid of these wastes isExpand
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Comparison of Some Preparations, Obtained from Waste Yeast Cells for their Ability to Stimulate Microorganism Growth
ABSTRACT Several preparations, aimed as additives to microbial broth media were obtained from waste yeast cells usually discarded by two Bulgarian breweries. The products were assessed with respectExpand
Characterisation of Collagenolytic Enzymes Produced by Thermophylic Actinomycetes
ABSTRACT The aim of the present investigation was to characterize enzymes, produced by extremophilic microorganisms in soil samples, collected from different regions in Bulgaria. The cultivationExpand
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Investigation of the Possibility for Enzymatic Utlization of Chicken Bones
ABSTRACT A perspective approach is proposed in which ground chicken bones remaining in the poultry slaughterhouses after extracting the meat from them for human food are treated by minimal amounts ofExpand
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Conversion of D-sorbit to L-sorbose by cells of Acetobacter suboxydans immobilized in sintered glass
Abstract A simple method for immobilizing cells of Acetobacter suboxydans by adsorption on inorganic sintered glass carriers is described. The immobilized cell preparations exhibited 100% of theExpand