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A staged carry-save-adder array for Montgomery modular multiplication
In this paper, an efficient VLSI architecture to compute the n-bit Montgomery modular multiplication is proposed. By using the staged carry save adder (CSA) array, the computation cycles of addition
A GaN driver IC with novel highly digitally adaptive dead-time control for Synchronous Rectifier Buck Converter
A novel highly digitally adaptive dead-time control for GaN driver is proposed in 0.18μm BCD GEN2 process to verify the concept and efficiency can improve 2.1% at 2A full load compared to 10ns fixed dead- time counterpart.
An Integrated Driver With Adaptive Dead-Time Control for GaN-Based Synchronous Buck Converter
This brief proposes a driver integrated circuit (IC) for a GaN-based synchronous buck converter to minimized the dead-time loss of GaN devices and improve converter efficiency. The proposed adaptive