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Aspects of Tachyonic inflation with exponential potential
We consider issues related to tachyonic inflation with an exponential potential. We find an exact solution of the evolution equations in the slow roll limit in FRW cosmology. We also carry out a
Punctuated inflation and the low CMB multipoles
We investigate inflationary scenarios driven by a class of potentials which are similar in form to those that arise in certain minimal supersymmetric extensions of the standard model. We find that
Minkowski Tensors in Two Dimensions - Probing the Morphology and Isotropy of the Matter and Galaxy Density Fields
We apply the Minkowski Tensor statistics to two dimensional slices of the three dimensional density field. The Minkowski Tensors are a set of functions that are sensitive to directionally dependent
Tensor Minkowski Functionals: first application to the CMB
Tensor Minkowski Functionals are introduced here for use in cosmological analysis, in particular to analyze the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation, and it is found that the standard ACDM model predicts a charateristic shape of beta for temperature and E mode as a function of the threshold.
Morphology of 21cm brightness temperature during the Epoch of Reionization using Contour Minkowski Tensor
We use morphological descriptors, Betti numbers and Contour Minkowski Tensor (CMT) on 21cm brightness temperature excursion sets, to study the ionization and heating history of the intergalactic
Statistics of the excursion sets in models with local primordial non-Gaussianity
A positive value of the dimensionless non-linearity parameter f NL enhances the number density of the cold CMB excursion sets along with their clustering strength, and reduces that of the hot ones, by computing the full-sky spatial distribution and clustering of pixels above/below threshold.
Betti Numbers of Gaussian Fields
We present the relation between the genus in cosmology and the Betti numbers for excursion sets of three-and two-dimensional smooth Gaussian random fields, and numerically investigate the Betti
Constraint on noncommutative spacetime from PLANCK data
We constrain the energy scale of noncommutativity of spacetime using CMB data from PLANCK. We find that PLANCK data puts the lower bound on the noncommutativity energy scale to about 20 TeV, which is
Tensor Minkowski Functionals for random fields on the sphere
We generalize the translation invariant tensor-valued Minkowski Functionals which are de fined on two-dimensional flat space to the unit sphere. We apply them to level sets of random fields. The