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The Generalized Uncertainty Principle and Black Hole Remnants
In the current standard viewpoint small black holes are believed to emit black body radiation at the Hawking temperature, at least until they approach Planck size, after which their fate is open toExpand
Large transverse wake fields can be generated via the interaction between a relativistic electron or positron bunch and a plasma, and the bunch will therefore be self-pinched. In this paper we deriveExpand
Cosmological perturbations in unimodular gravity
We study cosmological perturbation theory within the framework of unimodular gravity. We show that the Lagrangian constraint on the determinant of the metric required by unimodular gravity leads toExpand
Gravitomagnetism and spinor quantum mechanics
We give a systematic treatment of a spin 1=2 particle in a combined electromagnetic field and a weak gravitational field that is produced by a slowly moving matter source. This paper continuesExpand
Brane inflation, solitons and cosmological solutions: I
In this paper we study various cosmological solutions for a D3/D7 system directly from M-theory with fluxes and M2-branes. In M-theory, these solutions exist only if we incorporate higher derivativeExpand
Plasma wake field accelerator
A new scheme of electron acceleration, employing relativistic electron bunches in a cold plasma, is analyzed. The wake field of a leading bunch is derived in a single-particle model. We then extendExpand
Plasma wakefield acceleration for ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays.
A cosmic acceleration mechanism is introduced which is based on the wakefields excited by the Alfvén shocks in a relativistically flowing plasma. We show that there exists a threshold condition forExpand
Accelerating Plasma Mirrors to Investigate the Black Hole Information Loss Paradox.
The question of whether Hawking evaporation violates unitarity, and therefore results in the loss of information, has remained unresolved since Hawking's seminal discovery. To date, theExpand
Black Hole Remnants and Dark Matter
We argue that, when the gravity effect is included, the generalized uncertainty principle (GUP) may prevent black holes from total evaporation in a similar way that the standard uncertainty principleExpand
Quantum Beamstrahlung from Gausslan Bunches' Presented at the Workshop on New Developments in Particle Acceleration Techniques
The method of Baier and Katkov is applied to calculate the correction terms to the SokolovTemov radiation formula due to the variation of the magnetic field strength along the trajectory of aExpand