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Temporal Assessment of Growing Stock, Biomass and Carbon Stock of Indian Forests
The dynamics of terrestrial ecosystems depends on interactions between carbon, nutrient and hydrological cycles. Terrestrial ecosystems retain carbon in live biomass (aboveground and belowground),
Aberrant phenotypes in childhood and adult acute leukemia and its association with adverse prognostic factors and clinical outcome
CD19 was most commonly expressed antigen followed by CD7 in both childhood and adult AML, and aberrant phenotype was more common in children than adults.
Multiple Analytical Approaches Reveal Distinct Gene-Environment Interactions in Smokers and Non Smokers in Lung Cancer
These results identified distinct gene-gene and gene environment interactions in smokers and non-smokers, which confirms the importance of multifactorial interaction in risk assessment of lung cancer.
Polymorphisms of glutathione-S-transferase genes and the risk of aerodigestive tract cancers in the Northeast Indian population.
The first study on the association of GST polymorphisms and aerodigestive tract cancers in the high-risk region of NE India found tobacco smoking and betel quid chewing were found to be high risk factors for oral and lung cancers but not for gastric cancer, whereas tobacco chewing was finding to be a risk factor for oral cancer but notFor gastric or lung cancer.
Copy number polymorphism of glutathione-S-transferase genes (GSTM1 & GSTT1) in susceptibility to lung cancer in a high-risk population from north-east India
The results suggest that absence of GSTT1 null genotype may be associated with a reduced risk of lung cancer and the effect remains unchanged after interaction with smoking.
Green House Gases Mitigation Potential by Sal ( Shorea robusta Gaertn. F.) forest in do on Valley
In the recent past most of the land in Doon Valley , which was under the forest cover , agriculture and orchard has been reduced remarkably and converted into a jungle of concrete. The manifold
Transfersomes are vesicular drug delivery system having almost same structure like liposomes, but with better skin penetration properties to deliver the drugs at deeper skin tissues and are better drug delivery agents due to their ultradeformable structure.
Association of DNA repair and cell cycle gene variations with breast cancer risk in Northeast Indian population: a multiple interaction analysis
Polymorphisms in DNA repair and cell cycle genes contribute to increased breast cancer (BC) risk through gene–gene and gene–environmental interactions through gene-gene-tobacco-cell cycle interactions.