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GC-MS Technique and its Analytical Applications in Science and Technology
GC-MS is highly effective and versatile analytical techniques with numerous scientific applications to cater the field of applied Sciences and Technology. Expand
Powder XRD Technique and its Applications in Science and Technology
The review presents a brief overview of advanced X-Ray Powder Diffraction Technique. It is an indispensable method of material investigation, characterization and quality control. It has many salientExpand
Natural Fibers and Biopolymer
In recent years, there have been a tremendous increase in interest, research and development in the natural fiber, biopolymers and polymers materials for their use in bio-composite, packaging,Expand
Cellulose acetate-zirconium (IV) phosphate nano-composite with enhanced photo-catalytic activity.
Cellulose acetate-zirconium (IV) phosphate nanocomposite (CA/ZPNC) was synthesized by sol-gel technique at pH 0-1 and was characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM),Expand
Analytical Method Development and Validation: A Concise Review
Analytical method development and validation are the continuous and inter-dependent task associated with the research and development, quality control and quality assurance departments. Expand
Natural Fibers Reinforced Advanced Materials
The increasing environmental concerns and depletion of petroleum resources has forced the researchers around the globe to find new green and advanced materials. In present review, a particularExpand
Advancement in Technology through Graft Copolymerization
A major part of the land on earth provides us renewable biomass that mostly degrades with time. Graft copolymerization is a chemical technique that improves the properties of the biomass and modifiesExpand
Natural Fiber Reinforced Composite: A Concise Review Article
Fiber reinforced composites were in use since ancient times. Due to the disadvantage of the synthetic and fiber glass as reinforcement, the use of fiber reinforced composite gained the attention ofExpand
Orientation-Dependent Performance Analysis of Benzene/Graphene-Based Single-Electron Transistors
The present paper discusses charge stability and conductance analyses of benzene- and zigzag graphene fragment-based single-electron transistors (SETs) operating in the Coulomb blockade regime.Expand
Usage of Powder XRD Technique for Material Characterization andAnalysis of Portland Cement
The paper presents a brief overview of advanced X-ray Powder Diffraction technique and its usage for material characterization and in the analysis of Portland cement. It is an efficient and effectiveExpand