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Partitioning Country of Origin Effects: Consumer Evaluations of a Hybrid Product
Recent cases in strategic alliances observed in the U.S. automobile and numerous other consumer product industries point up an important area of research that has not received enough attention in theExpand
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Impact of Country-of-Origin Dimensions on Product Quality and Design Quality Perceptions
Abstract This article examines the multidimensional constructs of the country concept and how they impact consumer evaluations of product and design qualities. Specifically, country-of-assembly,Expand
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The Moderating Effects of Country of Assembly, Country of Parts, and Country of Design on Hybrid Product Evaluations
Abstract This study examines the extent to which the country of origin for parts, assembly, and design may moderate country-of-origin effects on attitudes and purchase intentions. The results showExpand
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Image Variables in Multi-Attribute Product Evaluations: Country-of-Origin Effects
An empirical investigation is conducted to determine the effects of image variables on beliefs and attitudes in the multi-attribute model framework. Simultaneous equation regression is used toExpand
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Celebrity and foreign brand name as moderators of country-of-origin effects
Whereas most recent country-of-origin (COO) research has focused on multi-cue designs to overcome weaknesses associated with single-cue models by incorporating both extrinsic and intrinsic cues otherExpand
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Consumer Profiles and Perceptions: Country‐of‐origin Effects
Country‐of‐origin research has concentrated on the examination of consumer product perceptions or attitudes towards products made in different countries based on a variety of intrinsic or extrinsicExpand
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Export and Reverse Investment: Strategic Implications for Newly Industrialized Countries
Multinational companies in a newly industrialized countries face a dilemma of whether and when they should engage in U.S. manufacturing. This study investigates consumer evaluations of productExpand
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A Cross-Country Comparison of the Codes of Professional Conduct of Certified/Chartered Accountants
This research examines the extent to which similarities and differences exist in the codes of professional conduct of certified (chartered) accountants across the following countries: the UnitedExpand
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International marketing and the Asia‐Pacific Region
This study is motivated by the theme of this special issue of International Marketing Review, which highlights the enormous economic success of Asia‐Pacific nations and their emergence as globalExpand
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Information search and efficiency of consumer choices of new cars : country‐of‐origin effects
The country‐of‐origin (CO) literature has traditionally focused on consumer product evaluations which are presumed to occur during the evaluation of alternative stages of the consumer buying decisionExpand
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