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The interaction between water movement, sediment dynamics and submersed macrophytes
Water movement in freshwater and marine environments affects submersed macrophytes, which also mediate water movement. The result of this complex interaction also affects sediment dynamics in andExpand
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Global diversity of aquatic macrophytes in freshwater
Aquatic macrophytes are aquatic photosynthetic organisms, large enough to see with the naked eye, that actively grow permanently or periodically submerged below, floating on, or growing up throughExpand
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Current Velocity and Its Effect on Aquatic Macrophytes in Flowing Waters.
Current velocity significantly affected the biomass and shoot density of aquatic macrophytes in two slow-flowing rivers in western Canada. Studies of aquatic macrophyte communities at three sites onExpand
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Development of environmental thresholds for nitrogen and phosphorus in streams.
Inputs of nutrients (P and N) to freshwaters can cause excessive aquatic plant growth, depletion of oxygen, and deleterious changes in diversity of aquatic fauna. As part of a "NationalExpand
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Depth distribution and biomass of submersed aquatic macrophyte communities in relation to Secchi depth
Using original data from eight lakes in southern Quebec and literature values from other fakes throughout the world, regression models were developed that allow prediction of the maximum depth ofExpand
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Impacts of Municipal Wastewater Effluents on Canadian Waters: a Review
Domestic sewage is a major threat to receiving waters throughout the world. In Canada, a high proportion of the population (81%) is served by municipal wastewater treatment facilities. Nevertheless,Expand
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Changes in stoichiometric constraints on epilithon and benthic macroinvertebrates in response to slight nutrient enrichment of mountain rivers
Summary 1. To assess changes in stoichiometric constraints on stream benthos, we measured elemental composition of epilithon and benthic macroinvertebrates in intrinsically P-limited mountainExpand
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Wastewater release and its impacts on Canadian waters
Discharge of sewage to the environment in the form of treated or untreated wastewater can have serious impacts on human health and quality of life and on ecosystem condition. Since a previous reviewExpand
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Phosphorus release from sediments in hardwater eutrophic lakes: the effects of redox‐sensitive and ‐insensitive chemical treatments
1. Phosphorus (P) release from bottom sediments is an important source of nutrient enrichment in many lakes in sedimentary basins, such as those in western Canada. On the Boreal Plain, sediment PExpand
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Ecological effects of river ice break-up: a review and perspective
SUMMARY 1. Abiotic disturbances strongly modify spatial and temporal patterns of lotic ecosystem community structure and function. Such effects are produced because disturbances alter organicExpand
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