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The Imaginary Landscapes of Jim Crace’s Continent
In each of his twelve novels, Jim Crace, who likes to refer to himself as a "landscape writer", created a distinct yet recognisable imaginary landscape or cityscape, which led critics to coin the
The landscape of trauma, pain and hope in Jim Crace’s The Pesthouse
Abstract Jim Crace likes to refer to himself as a “landscape writer” and indeed, in each of his eleven novels he has created a distinct yet recognizable imaginary landscape or cityscape. This has led
Valuable And Vulnerable — The City In Ian McEwan’s Enduring Love And Saturday
Ian McEwan is one of the most prominent cartographers of modern urban life among contemporary British novelists as the city, in various forms, has featured in most of his fiction so far. is article
Phosphinate MOF formed from tetratopic ligands as proton conductive materials
Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are attracting attention as potential proton conductors. There are two main advantages of MOFs in this application: the possibility of rational design and tuning of
Neo-Victorian felony – Crime narratives in Graeme Macrae Burnet’s His Bloody Project and Ian McGuire’s The North Water
Abstract The neo-Victorian novel has been one of the most significant branches of contemporary British historical fiction for the past three decades. Thanks to works like A. S. Byatt’s Possession,
The Real and Imaginary City in the Works of Martin Amis and Ian McEwan
The aim of this paper is to present, in brief, how real and imaginary cities are perceived and used in selected works of Martin Amis and McEwan. I would like to show that both the writers use the
London of the Mind—The Narrative of Psychogeographic Antiquarianism in Selected London Novels of Peter Ackroyd
Peter Ackroyd is traditionally listed among the foremost contemporary representatives of British psychogeographic writing, along with Iain Sinclair, J. G. Ballard, Stewart Home and Will Self.
The “Novel of Recollections” – Narration as a Means of Coming to Terms with the Past
Among the large body of contemporary British novels dealing with the past, one specific genre can be identified, and called, the “novel of recollections” as it revolves around its first person
Non-normative Victorians : Ian McGuire's The North Water as a neo-Victorian novel
Although its roots go back to the 1960s, neo-Victorian fiction has particularly flourished over the past three decades. Naturally, the emerging genre has undergone some development in terms of its