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A 1.2 mm MAMBO survey of post-AGB stars
Aims. We performed a millimetric survey of a sample of 24 post-AGB stars aimed at searching for emission from circumstellar matter, in order to investigate the physical properties of the outer partsExpand
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A decision support system based on multisensor data fusion for sustainable greenhouse management
The sustainable exploitation of natural resources is nowadays an important challenge for governments and institutions, considering the expected increase of the world population. In order to respondExpand
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Investigation of a tunnel pasteurizer for “Nocellara del Belice” table olives processed according to the “Castelvetrano method”
The influence of pasteurization temperature and time of treatment on the flesh firmness and the evolution of microbial communities was studied for table olives Cv. Nocellara del Belice, packed inExpand
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The present paper consisted in the study of the main factors influencing the quality of wines produced from mechanically harvested grapes. In particular, 8 samples of grape clusters were examined,Expand
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A multi objective approach to short food supply chain management
Conventional supply chains, involving several stages and various intermediaries, are affected by some wellknown forms of inefficiencies and drawbacks. Besides the increase of market price consequentExpand
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An oxygen monitoring and control system inside a malaxation machine to improve extra virgin olive oil quality
In recent years, oxygen content regulation during malaxation has been noted as a process parameter. The aim of this study was to identify the optimal time during the malaxation process of the olivesExpand
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Real time continuous oxygen concentration monitoring system during malaxation for the production of Virgin Olive Oil
During the mechanical extraction process of Virgin Olive Oil (VOO) some important physical phenomena and enzymatic transformations occur which influence the quality of the final product. The controlExpand
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Effect of O2 control and monitoring on the nutraceutical properties of extra virgin olive oils
Abstract The presence of oxygen during malaxation has key role in improving Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) quality in terms of volatile and phenolic compounds. The objective of this study was toExpand
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