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Nonlinear harmonic identification of breathing cracks in beams
The dynamic behavior of structures with breathing cracks forced by harmonic excitation is characterized by the appearance of sub and super-harmonics in the response even in presence of cracks withExpand
Maize production as affected by sowing date, plant density and row spacing in the Bolivian Amazon
The traditional cropping system widespread in the Department of Pando (Bolivian Amazon) is the slash and burn methodology. The main crops sowed soon after the slash are maize, rice, cassava andExpand
Competitive Microcredit Markets: Differentiation and Ex-Ante Incentives for Multiple Borrowing
We analyze an oligopolistic microcredit market characterized by asymmetric information and institutions that can offer only one type of contract. We study the effects of competition on contractExpand
Public Good Provision in Indian Rural Areas: the Returns to Collective Action by Self-Help Groups
We study the impact of collective actions undertaken by Indian Self-Help Groups (SHGs) - comprised of women only - and other village groups, on the public good provision of the elected localExpand
Non-linear dynamics of a cracked cantilever beam under harmonic excitation
Abstract The presence of cracks in a structure is usually detected by adopting a linear approach through the monitoring of changes in its dynamic response features, such as natural frequencies andExpand
Friction oscillator excited by moving base and colliding with a rigid or deformable obstacle
The dynamics of non-smooth oscillators has not yet sufficiently been investigated, when damping is simultaneously due to friction and impact. Because of the theoretical and practical interest of thisExpand
On the rocking-uplifting motion of a rigid block in free and forced motion: influence of sliding and bouncing
SummaryThe problem of rocking response of a rigid block in free and forced motion has been studied for a number of technical reasons. Apart from the technical interests, the problem of rigid blockExpand
Experimental damage evaluation of open and fatigue cracks of multi‐cracked beams by using wavelet transform of static response via image analysis
Summary In this study, a method for crack detection and quantification in beams based on wavelet analysis is presented. The static deflection is measured at particular points along the length of (i)Expand
Dynamics of friction oscillators excited by a moving base and/or driving force
Abstract The response of a single-degree-of-freedom system with dry friction under a constant velocity of the base and/or harmonic driving force is analyzed via either closed-form or numericalExpand