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Acoustic droplet vaporization for therapeutic and diagnostic applications.
A phase shift droplet emulsion is introduced as an aid to unusual ultrasound (US) applications. The transpulmonary droplet emulsion (90% < 6 microm diameter) is made by mixing saline, bovine albuminExpand
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Quantitative imaging biomarkers: A review of statistical methods for technical performance assessment
The Radiological Society of North America and the Quantitative Imaging Biomarker Alliance with technical, radiological, and statistical experts developed a set of technical performance analysis methods, metrics, and study designs for quantitative imaging biomarker performance studies. Expand
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A Preclinical System Prototype for Focused Microwave Thermal Therapy of the Breast
A preclinical prototype of a transcutaneous thermal therapy system has been developed for the targeted treatment of breast cancer cells using focused microwaves as an adjuvant to radiation, chemotherapy, and high-intensity ultrasound. Expand
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The role of inertial cavitation in acoustic droplet vaporization
The vaporization of a superheated droplet emulsion into gas bubbles using ultrasound-termed acoustic droplet vaporization (ADV)-has potential therapeutic applications in embolotherapy and drugExpand
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Power Doppler US: a potentially useful alternative to mean frequency-based color Doppler US.
PURPOSE The authors present a preliminary report to demonstrate a new color Doppler (CD) ultrasonography (US) technique called power Doppler (PD), which displays the total integrated Doppler power inExpand
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On the acoustic vaporization of micrometer-sized droplets.
This paper examines the vaporization of individual dodecafluoropentane droplets by the application of single ultrasonic tone bursts. High speed video microscopy was used to monitor droplets in a flowExpand
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Biophysical Bases of Elasticity Imaging
Elasticity imaging is based on two processes. The first is the evaluation of the mechanical response of a stressed tissue using imaging modalities, e.g. ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),Expand
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Rapid elastic image registration for 3-D ultrasound
A Subvolume-based algorithm for elastic Ultrasound REgistration (SURE) was developed and evaluated to register individual image volumes nonlinearly before combination into compound volumes. Expand
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Delivery of chlorambucil using an acoustically-triggered perfluoropentane emulsion.
Ultrasound-mediated delivery systems have mainly focused on microbubble contrast agents as carriers of drugs or genetic material. This study uses micron-sized, perfluoropentane (PFP) emulsions asExpand
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Delivery of Water-Soluble Drugs Using Acoustically Triggered Perfluorocarbon Double Emulsions
ABSTRACTPurposeUltrasound can be used to release a therapeutic payload encapsulated within a perfluorocarbon (PFC) emulsion via acoustic droplet vaporization (ADV), a process whereby the PFC phase isExpand
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