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Poetics of the New History: French Historical Discourse from Braudel to Chartier.
"Carrard's sensitive readings of the New History substantially refine our understanding of how a number of the Annalistes write. In the process, he makes them far more accessible--andExpand
More French "Resistance": History, Fiction, and the Transatlantic Debates
As the titles of such recent studies as Gérard Noiriel’s Sur la ‘‘crise’’ de l’histoire and Keith Windschuttle’s The Killing of History testify, history has been going through a period ofExpand
'L'Equipe de France du monde': sport and national identity
* I would like to thank Jacques Ducret, at the news agency Sports Information in Geneva, and Mondher Kilani, of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Lausanne, for the help that theyExpand
The French Who Fought for Hitler: Memories from the Outcasts
Introduction 1. Backgrounds 2. Authenticity 3. Veracity 4. Textualization 5. Frameworks 6. Bearing witness 7. From the outcasts' point of view Conclusion.