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Integrative and instrumental reminiscence therapies for depression in older adults: Intervention strategies and treatment effectiveness
Reminiscence has been identified as an important contributor to adaptation in later life by gerontologists, developmental theorists and clinical practitioners. Despite its wide acceptance as anExpand
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Functions of reminiscence and mental health in later life
This study examines the extent to which various forms of reminiscence predict life satisfaction and psychiatric distress with and without control for the contribution of personality traits (n = 420).Expand
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Empirical validation of a model of reminiscence and health in later life.
This study addresses the adaptive value of functions of reminiscence with respect to physical and mental health in later life. A model examining the relationships between the functions ofExpand
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Personality traits and existential concerns as predictors of the functions of reminiscence in older adults.
This study examines to what extent personality and existential constructs predict the frequency of reminiscence, in general, and its various functions, in particular. Eighty-nine older adultsExpand
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Coping mediates the relationships between reminiscence and psychological well-being among older adults
Cross-sectional and longitudinal studies have demonstrated an association between various functions of reminiscence and well-being in later adulthood. This study investigates to what extent the linksExpand
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Optimism and neuroticism as predictors of coping and adaptation in older women
Abstract This prospective correlational study looked at the relationship between optimism, perception of stress, coping, and adaptation in women over the age of 60. One hundred and nine women tookExpand
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Life review therapy for older adults with moderate depressive symptomatology: a pragmatic randomized controlled trial.
BACKGROUND. Although there is substantial evidence for the efficacy of life review therapy as an early treatment of depression in later life, its effectiveness in natural settings has not beenExpand
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Temporal references in dreams and autobiographical memory
In an attempt to determine whether temporal references identified in dreams follow the same temporal distributions as those documented for autobiographical memories, 28 younger women (18–35 years ofExpand
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Development and Validation of a Couples Measure of Biased Responding: The Marital Aggrandizement Scale
More than 30 years ago, Edmonds (1967) recognized the need for a couples measure of biased responding. Like other categories of self-report instruments, marital measures are believed to be highlyExpand
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