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Persistent testicular structural and functional alterations after exposure of adult rats to atrazine.
Atrazine is an endocrine disruptor affecting testicular steroidogenesis, and promoting testicular atrophy and 3β-HSD reduction. However, it remains unknown whether these effects are reversible orExpand
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Atrazine affects the morphophysiology, tissue homeostasis and aromatase expression in the efferent ductules of adult rats with mild alterations in the ventral prostate.
The widely used herbicide atrazine is a potent endocrine disruptor known to cause increased aromatase expression and transient increase in testicular weight followed by remarkable testis atrophy.Expand
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The androgenic effect of norethisterone and 5alpha-norethisterone on the contractile response of the rat vas deferens to methoxamine and serotonin.
Norethisterone (NET) and its metabolite 5alpha-norethisterone (5alpha-NET) are competitors for the androgen receptor. The sensitivity of the rat vas deferens to the contractile action of methoxamineExpand
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