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Incubation Behavior and Temperatures of the Mallard Duck
THE natural incubation environment of wild Mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) has received little deterministic study. Prince et al. (1969a) considered the general effect of temperature and humidity underExpand
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Development of Thermoregulation in Mallard Ducklings
Numerous investigators have found hypothermia caused by chilling and evaporative cooling in wet young birds. The development of thermoregulation in newly hatched birds was reviewed by RomanoffExpand
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Maternal nesting behaviour by male Mallards
A wild male Mallard Anas platyrhynchos in full nuptial plumage sat alongside his mate who was on a nest. Later when she left, he sat on the nest for 30 minutes. A penned, hand-reared GreenlandExpand
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Incubation Behavior of Ruddy and Maccoa Ducks
The small ducks in the genus Oxyura are remarkable for having, proportionate to body size, the largest eggs of all Anatidae, yet clutch-sizes are large and incubation periods are short (Lack 1968).Expand
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