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Control-Based Reduction of Pulsating Torque for PMAC Machines
Control methods in torque pulsating reduction for surface-mounted permanent magnet motors are discussed in this paper. The pulsating torque is a consequence of the nonsinusoidal flux-densityExpand
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Active magnetic bearings control
In the paper a decentralized control for active magnetic bearings is discussed. For the numerical evaluation of different control algorithms a mathematical model of the controlled plant isExpand
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Nonlinear control of synchronous servo drive
The complete tracking control for a permanent magnet synchronous (PMAC) motor, based on two nonlinear design methods is presented in the paper. The motor model, given in the rotor's d-q coordinates,Expand
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Pulsating torque reduction for permanent magnet AC motors
Control methods for the pulsation of torque reduction for the surface-mounted permanent magnet motors are discussed. The pulsation torque is a consequence of the non-sinusoidal flux distribution andExpand
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Discrete boundary layer current control for VSI-IM drive
This paper discusses the time-discrete switched variable structure field oriented current control of an IM (induction motor) drive. VSI (voltage source inverter) is directly controlled, exploitingExpand
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Robust controller design for position control of the metal ball in magnetic field
Article is describing a modeling and controller synthesis for the position control of the metal ball in magnetic field. The focus was paid to implementation of modern control theory for theExpand
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PWM-less current controlled VSI-IM drive
In this paper the PWM-less current controller for a voltage source inverter is discussed. The controller is of boundary layer type and a switching table realized. It allows employment of positiveExpand
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Spatial Development of Settlement Grajena
The theoretical part of diploma resumes the planning methods and explains resons and needs for planning activities in the rural space. On the other side the practical part illustrates spatialExpand
Induction Machine Torque Control with Self-Tuning Capabilities
In any torque control concept for induction machines the capability to produce a desired torque with the minimum stator current (maximum torque per ampere ratio) becomes a demanding requirement. InExpand