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Mysterion and the Salvation of "All Israel" in Romans 9-11
MYSTERION AND THE SALVATION OF “ALL ISRAEL” IN ROMANS 9–11 Philip Chase Sears, Ph.D. The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2019 Chair: Dr. Thomas R. Schreiner The aim of this study is to buildExpand
Defining and Analyzing the Maritime Support Service Industries
Maritime support service firms are critical to the operation of a port but have been little studied. A formal definition has never been developed. A working definition could include firms thatExpand
The Church as the New Israel in Romans
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Renovation of New York Harbor
Reuse of the Brooklyn Waterfront
The New York District of the Corps of Engineers, under the New York Harbor Drift Collection and Removal Project, is in the process of removing unused and dilapidated piers along a portion of theExpand
Design of a Small Craft Harbor