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Coccidioidomycosis during Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection: A Review of 77 Patients
Through a retrospective review, we identified 77 previously unreported cases of coccidioidomycosis during HIV infection. Patients were classified into 1 of 6 categories based on their primaryExpand
Public Health Surveillance for Coccidioidomycosis in Arizona
Abstract:  Coccidioidomycosis or Valley Fever is a fungal disease that occurs primarily in the southwestern United States. Of the estimated 150,000 U. S. coccidioidomycosis infections per year,Expand
Preliminary observations on the ecology and plant chemistry of some nickel-accumulating plants from New Caledonia
Preliminary studies have been carried out on some nickel-accumulating plants from New Caledonia: Hybanthus austrocaledonicus forms A and B, Hybanthus caledonicus var. linearifolia, and PsychotriaExpand
Studies in kernicterus. II. The determination of the saturation of serum albumin with bilirubin.
A method is described for estimating the relative concentration of free bilirubin in serum by measurement of the saturation of the carrier, albumin, for bilirubin. The technique only requires theExpand
Coccidioidomycosis in patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus: review of 91 cases at a single institution.
We retrospectively evaluated the clinical manifestations, diagnosis, treatment, and outcome of coccidioidomycosis in 91 patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) at a singleExpand
Coccidioidomycosis and pregnancy.
Pregnant women with respiratory symptoms of pleuritic pain and productive cough should undergo evaluation for coccidioidomycosis. This should include a history of travel or residency in endemic areasExpand
Helminths of the Cotton Rat in Southern Virginia, with Comments on the Sex Ratios of Parasitic Nematode Populations
Thirty-eight cotton rats, Sigmodon hispidus, were collected in southern Virginia and examined for their helminth fauna. The cestodes recovered were: Choanotaenia nebraskensis (8% incidence),Expand
A woman with coccidiodal meningitis had two successive pregnancies and was treated with intrathecal amphotericin B. The outcome was successful.
Histoplasmin-CYL, a yeast phase reagent in skin test studies with humans.
A yeast phase histoplasmin, designated CYL, was studied in 156 humans living in areas of the United States endemic for histoplasmosis, coccidioidomycosis, or both fungal entities. Comparisons wereExpand
Epidemic hepatitis in a clinical laboratory. Possible association with computer card handling.
During a six-month period (Dec 15, 1972, to June 15, 1973), hepatitis developed in five employees of a large, hospital-based clinical laboratory. Three employees had transient hepatitis B surfaceExpand