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Thermal and Magmatic Evolution of the Moon
As with all science, our continually developing concepts of lunar evolution are firmly tied to both new types of observations and the integration of these observations to the known pool of data. ThisExpand
Possible formation of ancient crust on Mars through magma ocean processes
[1] Models for Martian magma oceans of varying depths predict that decompression mantle melting, perhaps forming Mars' earliest crust, could occur during gravitationally driven solid-state overturnExpand
A model for the thermal and chemical evolution of the Moon's interior: implications for the onset of mare volcanism
Crystallization of the lunar magma ocean creates a chemically stratified Moon consisting of an anorthositic crust and magma ocean cumulates overlying the primitive lunar interior. Within the magmaExpand
Magma ocean fractional crystallization and cumulate overturn in terrestrial planets: Implications for Mars
Crystallization of a magma ocean on a large terrestrial planet that is significantly melted by the energy of accretion may lead to an unstable cumulate density stratification, which may overturn to aExpand
Chassigny petrogenesis: Melt compositions, intensive parameters, and water contents of Martian ( ) magmas
Abstract The SNC meteorites are a class of eight basaltic achondrites that have extremely young crystallization ages (≤ 1.3 Ga). Chassigny, a unique SNC meteorite, is a dunite containing Fo68Expand
Petrogenesis of lunar troctolites
Models of petrogenesis for lunar troctolites are severely constrained by the high Mg* (>88) values of the most primitive members of the Mg-rich suite. Melts derived by partial melting of olivineExpand
Early magnetic field and magmatic activity on Mars from magma ocean cumulate overturn
Abstract Significant and perhaps complete melting of the young terrestrial planets is expected from their heat of accretion and core formation. The process of subsequent magma ocean fractionalExpand
Implications of liquid-liquid distribution coefficients to mineral-liquid partitioning
The effect of silicate liquid structure upon mineral-liquid partitioning has been investigated by determining element partitioning data for coexisting immiscible granitic and ferrobasaltic magmas.Expand
On the source regions for mare picrite glasses
Models for the crystallization of the magma ocean, phase equilibria constraints, and geochemical criteria constrain the mare basalt source region to lie deep within the Moon and withinExpand
Polymer model of silicate melts
The distribution of silicate species in silicate melts is analyzed using the techniques of conventional polymer chemistry. The structure of a melt is dominated by the SiO4 monomer at low silicaExpand