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Manual for Soil and Water Analysis
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Effect of land use on the composition of soil organic matter in density and aggregate fractions as revealed by solid-state 13C NMR spectroscopy
Changes in soil organic carbon (SOC) contents with soil cultivation have been investigated extensively, but information on the influence of land use changes on the chemistry of soil organic matterExpand
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Soil organic matter chemistry in allophanic soils: a pyrolysis-GC/MS study of a Costa Rican Andosol catena
Summary Soil organic matter (SOM) in allophanic soils is supposed to accumulate due to protection caused by binding to allophane, aluminium and iron. We investigated a catena of allophanic andExpand
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Laser-diffraction and pipette-method grain sizing of Dutch sediments: correlations for fine fractions of marine, fluvial, and loess samples
To evaluate correlations between silt and clay fractions determined by pipette method and laser diffraction, samples from Dutch fine marine, fluvial, and loess deposits were analysed by both methods.Expand
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Soil organic matter dynamics in density and particle size fractions as revealed by the 13C/12C isotopic ratio in a Cerrado's oxisol
Abstract In order to better understand the dynamics of soil organic matter (SOM) in Oxisols and the impact of converting native cerrado (savannah) into pasture, we studied the dynamics of differentExpand
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Laser grain-size determination in soil genetic studies. 1. practical problems.
Grain-sizing by laser diffraction cannot replace the classical combination of sieving and sedimentation as long as correlations between the methods have not been established for many populations ofExpand
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Composition of plant tissues and soil organic matter in the first stages of a vegetation succession
Differences in soil organic matter (SOM) composition in consecutive soil profiles (under algae, grass, moss, heather and pine) from a primary vegetation succession (central Netherlands) wereExpand
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Different chemical composition of free light, occluded light and extractable SOM fractions in soils of Cerrado and tilled and untilled fields, Minas Gerais, Brazil: a pyrolysis‐GC/MS study
To investigate both the effect of land-use systems on SOM characteristics and the effect of occlusion in aggregates on chemical composition of the occluded fraction, SOM fractions of soils underExpand
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Oxidation and compaction of a collapsed peat dome in Central Kalimantan
Peat domes in Kalimantan (Indonesia) are reported to loose their dome shape as a result of disturbance such as logging and artificial drainage. The loss of the dome shape can be caused by (aExpand
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Selecting parameters for the environmental interpretation of peat molecular chemistry - A pyrolysis-GC-MS study
A number of samples from a deep peat bog in Tierra del Fuego were analyzed using pyrolysis-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (Py-GC/MS) in order to extract parameters that might be used toExpand
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