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The European rescue of the federal state: How Europeanisation shapes the Belgian state
This article investigates the impact of European integration on the Belgian federal polity. In particular, we substantiate two propositions. First, we show that European integration stimulates
Why Denmark and Belgium Have Different Implementation Records: On Transposition Laggards and Leaders in the EU
Statistics of the European Commission show different performances among member states regarding the implementation of European policies. In particular, this article explains why Denmark and Belgium
Europeanization of Subnational Polities: the Impact of Domestic Factors on Regional Adaptation to European Integration
Abstract This paper considers how subnational entities adapt under the pressure of European integration. In particular, the article looks at whether the combined institutional mechanisms of
the effects of active learning environments: how simulations trigger affective learning
Simulations have become popular teaching tools in political science and EU studies curricula. Proponents point out that simulations match with constructivist theories of learning. They argue that
Assessing EU Simulations: Evidence from the Trans-Atlantic EuroSim
Simulations have become popular teaching tools in political science curricula. In particular, European Studies programs have often been complemented with all kinds of simulation exercises. Proponents
Going beyond paradiplomacy? Adding historical institutionalism to account for regional foreign policy competences
This article argues that the literature on paradiplomacy has been very successful in conceptualizing the external activities of regions and in making descriptive inventories of paradiplomatic
You'll Never Lobby Alone. Explaining the Participation of Sub‐National Authorities in the European Commission's Open Consultations
The multi-level system of the EU (European Union) constrains the institutionalized representation of the regional tier of government. Consequently, SNAs (sub-national authorities) seek to represent
Regional parliaments in the EU multilevel parliamentary system
ABSTRACT European integration has created a multilevel political system that is dominated by executive actors. Despite the increasing competences of the European Parliament, a growing EU-awareness of