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Depression in pediatric chronic illness. A diathesis-stress model.
It is suggested that a diathesis-stress model can be a fruitful heuristic that would incorporate illness characteristics and attributes of the child and environmental effects in an overall framework to guide future research and treatment. Expand
Indigenous Diaspora and the Prospects for Cosmopolitan ‘Orbiting’: The Warlpiri Case
This paper introduces one of the first attempts in anthropology to apply the notion of diaspora to Fourth World circumstances—namely, the Warlpiri of central Australia, many of whom have permanentlyExpand
Irritable bowel syndrome and recurrent abdominal pain. A comparative review.
Clinical findings on irritable bowel syndrome in adults and recurrent abdominal pain in children are reviewed to determine if what is known about each disorder can illuminate our understanding of theExpand
The Problem When Flexibility Is the System
Editor’s Note: Below are six responses to Basil Sansom’s article, ‘Yulara and future expert reports in native title cases’, which was published in Anthropological Forum 17 (1), March 2007. AlthoughExpand
Warlpiri and the Pacific—Ideas for an Intercultural History of the Warlpiri
Bob Tonkinson's dual ethnographic interest in Aboriginal Australia and the Pacific led him to a realisation of the relative poverty of historical anthropology of Aboriginal Australia compared to theExpand
Law's Anthropology: From ethnography to expert testimony in native title
Anthropologists have been appearing as key expert witnesses in native title claims for over 20 years. Until now, however, there has been no theoretically-informed, detailed investigation of how theExpand
The Native Title Amendment Bill: what happened in the Senate
  • P. Burke
  • Political Science
  • 1 February 1998