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Log-linear models
Discusses the innovative log-linear model of statistical analysis, which is used to examine relationships among categoric variables by analyzing expected cell frequencies. Expand
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The Renaissance sense of the past
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The Fortunes of the "Courtier": The European Reception of Castiglione's "Cortegiano."
List of Plates. Preface and Acknowledgements. Abbreviations. 1. Tradition and Reception. 2. The Courtier in its Time. 3. The Courtier in Italy. 4. The Courtier Translated. 5. The Courtier Imitated.Expand
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Languages and communities in early modern Europe
Prologue: communities and domains 1. 'Speak, that I may see thee': the discovery of language in early modern Europe 2. Latin: a language in search of a community 3. Vernaculars in competition 4.Expand
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Cultural Translation in Early Modern Europe
Introduction Peter Burke and R. Po-chia Hsia Part I. Translation and Language: 1. Cultures of translation in Early Modern Europe Peter Burke 2. The Catholic Mission and translations in China,Expand
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Formas de historia cultural
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Language, self and society : a social history of language
Introduction. 1. Heu domine, adsunt Turcae: A Sketch for a Social History of Post--medieval Latin: Peter Burke. 2. The Uses of Hebrew in the English Revolution: Nigel Smith. 3. From Shibboleth toExpand
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The European Renaissance : centres and peripheries
List of Illustrations. Series Editor's Preface. Preface and Acknowledgements. Introduction: Framing the Renaissance. 1. The Age of Rediscovery: Early Renaissance. 2. Reception and Resistance. 3. TheExpand
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Agency and Social Structure
There are two very different perspectives in social theory. One begins with the obvious fact that no matter how hard one looks, one never sees "society": One sees only individuals. For this view,Expand
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