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Results of the "Carbon Conference" International Aerosol Carbon Round Robin Test Stage I
Abstract An international round robin test on the analysis of carbonaceous aerosols on quartz fiber filters sampled at an urban site was organized by the Vienna University of Technology. SeventeenExpand
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Quantification of partial structures in aquatic humic substances by volume integration of two‐dimensional 13C nuclear magnetic resonance spectra. Comparison of one‐ and two‐dimensional techniques
Partial structures of a reference groundwater humic substance were quantified by J‐resolved two‐dimensional 13C NMR spectroscopy applied in its phase‐sensitive variant. The results agree with thoseExpand
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Anion exchangers functionalized by chelating reagents (AnChel) for preconcentration of trace elements: Capabilities and limitations
SummaryConventional anion exchangers (e.g., Adsorbex SAX, Amberlite IRA 410, Dowex 1X8, Lewatit MP 5080, TEAE cellulose) functionalized by means of sulfonated metal reagents (e.g., Arsenazo III,Expand
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Sorption rate of uranyl ions by Hyphan cellulose exchangers and by hydrated titanium dioxide
ZusammenfassungDie Sorption von Uranylionen an dem Celluloseaustauscher Hyphan verläuft ziemlich rasch. 2 Schritte mit Halbwertzeiten von der Größenordnung 10s und 2 min werden beobachtet. DerExpand
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Study of a toroidal argon MIP and a cylindrical helium MIP for atomic emission spectrometry—II: Combination with graphite furnace vaporization and use for analysis of biological samples
Abstract The capabilities of a toroidal argon and a diffuse helium microwave induced plasma (MIP) operated in a TM 010 resonator and in combination with electrothermal vaporization have been studiedExpand
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Synthese von Cellulose‐Austauschern mit chelatbildenden funktionellen Gruppen
Eine neue, breit anwendbare Methode zur Darstellung von Celluloseaustauschern wird beschrieben. Bei der Synthese wird das Reaktionsprinzip der Reaktivfarbstoffe „Remazol”® (WZ der Hoechst AG) inExpand
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Cellulose: a biopolymeric sorbent for heavy-metal traces in waters.
The sorption of dissolved heavy-metal traces on natural cellulose is characterized for the lower mug l . range. It proceeds relatively rapidly, with half-times of about 1.5 min. At neutral pH-valuesExpand
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Synthese von celluloseaustauschern mit chelatbildenden funktionellen gruppen III
Die Darstellung von Austauschern mit Kapazitaten zwischen 0,15 und 0,8 mmol/g auf der Basis von mikrokristalliner und amorpher Cellulose, „Bead”-Cellulose, kurzfaseriger und langfaseriger CelluloseExpand
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Analytical fractionation of labile metals in selected groundwater humic substances by means of chelating ion-exchanger
SummaryTrace metals remaining in humic substances (HUS) after their acidic isolation (XAD 2) from aquatic sources may preferably be bound in inert form. In the present study, the reactivityExpand
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Cellulose TETPA: a chelating collector designed for multielement preconcentration in flow systems
SummaryA cellulose collector with immobilized triethylenetetraminepentaacetic acid (TETPA) groups has been developed for multielement preconcentration (e.g., Al, Be, Bi, Cd, Co, Cu, Fe(III), In, Mn,Expand
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