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Ferromagnetic spin correlations in a few-fermion system
We study the spin correlations of a few fermions in a quasi one-dimensional trap. Exact diagonalization calculations demonstrate that repulsive interactions between the two species drives
Inhomogeneous state of few-fermion superfluids.
The few-fermion atomic gas is an ideal setting to explore inhomogeneous superfluid pairing analogous to the Larkin-Ovchinnikov state and an oblate trap with a central barrier offers a direct experimental probe of pairing inhomogeneity.
High-fidelity pseudopotentials for the contact interaction
The contact interaction is often used in modeling ultracold atomic gases, although it leads to pathological behavior arising from the divergence of the many-body wavefunction when two particles
Exploring exchange mechanisms with a cold atom gas
Fermionic atoms trapped in a double-well potential are an ideal setting to study fundamental exchange mechanisms. We use exact diagonalization and complementary analytic calculations to demonstrate
High-fidelity contact pseudopotentials and p-wave superconductivity
We develop ultratransferable pseudopotentials for the contact interaction that are 100 times more accurate than contemporary approximations. The pseudopotential offers scattering properties very