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The module of derivations of a Stanley-Reisner ring
An explicit description is given of the module Der(k[X]/I, k[X]/I) of the derivations of the residue ring k[X]/I, where I is an ideal generated by monomials whose exponents are prime to theExpand
Differential simplicity, Cohen-Macaulayness and formal prime divisors
Abstract We construct counter-examples, in any characteristic of the conjecture that differentially simple local domains should be Cohen-Macaulay. Such counter examples can be made henselian.
Combinatorics of a certain ideal in the Segre coordinate ring
We focus on a “fat” model of an ideal in the class of the canonical ideal of the Segre coordinate ring, looking at its Rees algebra and related arithmetical questions.
Feeding association between the cattle tyrant (Machetornis rixosus, Tyrannidae) and the capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris, Rodentia)
Feeding bouts of birds associated with capybaras were significantly longer than those of birds not associated with the mammals, suggesting that association with capYbaras enhance the birds efficiency in catching arthropods. Expand
The role of wildlife watching tourism for nature conservation.
Currently, tourism presents itself under different forms. The increasing of tourism demand and facilities for travel have made the world accessible to travelers, who seek for flexibility ofExpand
A note on the Nakai conjecture
The conjectures of Zariski-Lipman and of Nakai are still open in general in the class of rings essentially of finite type over a field of characteristic zero. However, they have long been known to beExpand