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Radiative transfer for inhomogeneous atmospheres: RRTM, a validated correlated-k model for the longwave
A rapid and accurate radiative transfer model (RRTM) for climate applications has been developed and the results extensively evaluated. The current version of RRTM calculates fluxes and cooling ratesExpand
Atmospheric radiative transfer modeling: a summary of the AER codes
Abstract The radiative transfer models developed at AER are being used extensively for a wide range of applications in the atmospheric sciences. This communication is intended to provide a coherentExpand
Tropospheric emission spectrometer: retrieval method and error analysis
  • K. Bowman, C. Rodgers, +14 authors R. Beer
  • Environmental Science, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote…
  • 24 April 2006
The methodology is based on the maximum a posteriori estimate, which mathematically requires the minimization of the difference between observed spectral radiances and a nonlinear model of radiative transfer of the atmospheric state subject to the constraint that the estimated state must be consistent with an a priori probability distribution for that state. Expand
Recent Developments in the Water Vapor Continuum
A key development in the understanding of radiative transfer in the longwave was the introduction of the CKD continuum model (Clough et al. 1989), the success of which effectively ended speculationExpand
Observed atmospheric collision‐induced absorption in near‐infrared oxygen bands
A recent high-resolution measurement of surface solar radiance taken under cloud-free conditions by the Absolute Solar Transmittance Interferometer shows clear indication of continuum absorptionExpand
Downwelling spectral radiance observations at the SHEBA ice station: Water vapor continuum measurements from 17 to 26μm
Earth loses energy to space in the form of longwave (or infrared) radiation. Much of this energy is radiated through the transparent portion of the water vapor rotational band from 17 to 33 μm (300Expand
Infrared spectral radiance measurements in the tropical Pacific atmosphere
Downwelling thermal infrared emission from the tropical atmosphere is affected strongly by the typically large amounts of water vapor. In two experiments within the last 2 years we have used aExpand
Comparison of Spectral Direct and Diffuse Solar Irradiance Measurements and Calculations for Cloud-Free Conditions
Ground-based spectral measurements of direct and diffuse solar irradiance from the Rotating Shadowband Spectroradiometer, taken in cloud-free conditions in Oklahoma in the fall of 1997, are comparedExpand
Retrieval of tropospheric ozone from simulations of nadir spectral radiances as observed from space
The global remote sensing of tropospheric ozone profiles is a critical environmental measurement to be performed by future satellite experiments. We have applied the method of nonlinear least squaresExpand
Residual Analysis of Surface Spectral Radiances Between Instrument Observations and Line-by-Line Calculations
The three principal components of the study are 1) groundbased measurement of the spectral radiances, 2) characterization of the atmospheric state associated with the radiating column, and 3)Expand