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Macromolecular size-and-shape distributions by sedimentation velocity analytical ultracentrifugation.
This communication examines an extension to a two-dimensional distribution of sedimentation coefficient and frictional ratio, c(s,f(r), which is representative of a more general set of size-and-shape distributions, including mass-Stokes radius distributions, c (M,R(S)), and sedimentation coefficients-molar mass distributions c( s,M).
Studying multisite binary and ternary protein interactions by global analysis of isothermal titration calorimetry data in SEDPHAT: Application to adaptor protein complexes in cell signaling
A new computational platform for the global analysis of isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC) data for the study of binary and ternary multisite interactions, implemented as part of the public domain multimethod analysis software SEDPHAT is described.
On the distribution of protein refractive index increments.
This study examines the widely used assumption that most proteins have dn/dc values in a very narrow range, and reappraise the prediction of dn/,dc of unmodified proteins based on their amino acid composition, to obtain an estimate of the full distribution of protein dn./dc values.
Use of saturation mutagenesis to localize probable functional domains in the NahR protein, a LysR-type transcription activator.
The partial trans-dominance of many mutant alleles and the size of NahR-specific DNA binding activity measured by gel filtration suggest that the active NahR protein may be a tetramer.
Automated Dating of the World’s Language Families Based on Lexical Similarity
A computerized alternative to glottochronology for estimating elapsed time since parent languages diverged into daughter languages is described, and time depths for nearly all the world’s recognized language families and for many subfamilies are offered.
Co-repressor induced order and biotin repressor dimerization: a case for divergent followed by convergent evolution.
The structure of BirA in complex with the co-repressor analog biotinol-5'-AMP reveals an unexpected use of the nucleotide-binding motif GXGXXG in binding adenylate and controlling the repressor function.
Dual strategies for peptidoglycan discrimination by peptidoglycan recognition proteins (PGRPs).
It is demonstrated that these innate immune receptors use dual strategies to distinguish between PGNs from different bacteria: one based on the composition of the PGN peptide stem and another that senses the peptide bridge crosslinking the stems.
Characterizing Protein‐Protein Interactions by Sedimentation Velocity Analytical Ultracentrifugation
This unit introduces the basic principles and practice of sedimentation velocity analytical ultracentrifugation for the study of reversible protein interactions, such as the characterization of
A new adaptive grid-size algorithm for the simulation of sedimentation velocity profiles in analytical ultracentrifugation
The present work describes a numerical algorithm that can provide an improvement in accuracy or efficiency over existing algorithms by more than one order of magnitude, and thereby greatly facilitate the practical application of sedimentation velocity analysis, in particular, for the study of multi-component macromolecular mixtures.
The molecular refractive function of lens γ-Crystallins.
It is shown that all lens γ-Crystallins have evolved a significantly elevated molecular refractive index increment, which is far above those of most proteins, including nonlens members of the βγ-crystallin family from different species.