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Diversity, distribution and dispersal of Antarctic terrestrial algae
  • P. Broady
  • Biology
  • Biodiversity & Conservation
  • 24 February 1996
Terrestrial algae have been studied at widespread Antarctic localities. However, their diversity is not fully known as often collections have not been made from all habitats and techniques have beenExpand
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Syllabus der Boden-, Luft- und Flechtenalgen.
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Ice Shelf Microbial Ecosystems in the High Arctic and Implications for Life on Snowball Earth
Abstract The Ward Hunt Ice Shelf (83°N, 74°W) is the largest remaining section of thick (>10 m) landfast sea ice along the northern coastline of Ellesmere Island, Canada. Extensive meltwater lakesExpand
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Trebouxiophytes of the genus Prasiola are well known in Antarctica, where they are among the most important primary producers. Although many aspects of their biology have been thoroughlyExpand
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The biota and environment of fumaroles on Mt Melbourne, northern Victoria Land
SummaryThe aim of this investigation was to provide a general description of the biota and environment of fumarolic ground close to the summit (2733 m) of Mt Melbourne. Heat flow through the groundExpand
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Environmental and Biological Variability in the McMurdo Ice Shelf Ecosystem
The McMurdo Ice Shelf is an ablation region on the northwestern side of the Ross Ice Shelf. The surface forms the largest non-marine aquatic ecosystem in the McMurdo Sound region with an interlinkingExpand
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Morphological characterization of Oscillatoriales (Cyanobacteria) from Ross Island and southern Victoria Land, Antarctica
Field populations of Oscillatoriales, from fresh and saline lakes and ponds, and from terrestrial habitats, are characterised on the basis of their morphology and morphometry. Fifteen morphotypes areExpand
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Culturable aerobic heterotrophic bacteria from high altitude, high latitude soil of La Gorce Mountains (86°30'S, 147°W), Antarctica
Eleven aerobic heterotrophic bacteria isolated from soil samples taken at c. 1800 m altitude from La Gorce Mountains, Antarctica, were characterized in terms of carbon source utilization, enzymaticExpand
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Antarctic Stream Ecosystems: Variability in Environmental Properties and Algal Community Structure
The variability in physical, chemical and biological properties was examined for a number of glacier melt streams in south Victoria Land, Antarctica. Streams flowed for between one and two months.Expand
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