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Relative importance of patient disease indicators on informal care and caregiver burden in Alzheimer's disease
For patients residing in community dwellings, the direct influence of patients’ cognition on caregiver burden is limited and rather mediated by other disease indicators, which means both ADL-abilities and behavioral disturbances are important predictors of perceived caregiverurden.
The alpine environment is an island-like habitat of conditions which are determined by six climatic factors. It forms a series of marginal situations characterized by strong fluctuations. These
The relations between the South African fauna and the terrestrial and limnic animal life of the southern cold temperate zone
  • P. Brinck
  • Environmental Science
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of London…
  • 12 July 1960
In principle, the fauna of the southern temperate zone should present a general distribution pattern similar to that of the northern temperate zone. The rich invertebrate material preserved in the
Migrating birds at Ottenby Sweden as carriers of ticks and possible transmitters of tick-borne encephalitis virus1?
Investigations of birds trapped at the Ottenby Bird Station on the island of eland in the Baltic Sea demonstrated that ticks are carried by numerous bird species, particularly Passeriformes. The
Evolution and taxonomy of Andogyrus Ochs (Coleoptera: Gyrinidae)
Analysis of relevant structures showed that there are three evolutional lineages in Andogyrus and the division of the genus in seven species groups, with a key to species is given and six new species group taxa described.
A revision of Rhombodineutus Ochs in New Guinea (Coleoptera: Gyrinidae)
Most species live in the forests and have a fairly restricted range, while D. pectoralis Regimbart has passed a niche shift and adapted to exposed and exploited land and spread widely, splitting into a considerable number of races.