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The Fourier approach to the identification of functional coupling between neuronal spike trains.
I. I N T R O D U C T I O N The study of the behaviour of small networks of neurones frequently requires the determination of measures of the strength of association between component neurones, anExpand
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Power Generation Technologies
  • P. Breeze
  • Environmental Science
  • 4 February 2005
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Renewable Energy Focus Handbook
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Identification of patterns of neuronal connectivity—partial spectra, partial coherence, and neuronal interactions
The cross-correlation histogram has provided the primary tool for inferring the structure of common inputs to pairs of neurones. While this technique has produced useful results it not clear how itExpand
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Advanced Gas Turbine Cycles
There are a range of modifications that can be made to the simple gas turbine cycle in order to improve its overall efficiency. One of simplest, called recuperation, involves the use of heat from theExpand
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Carbon Capture and Storage
The release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is considered to be responsible for global warming, the heating of the global atmosphere through the greenhouse effect. This is propelling aExpand
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Power System Energy Storage Technologies
Electrical energy storage can play an important role in electricity supply by storing off-peak energy for delivery in periods of peak demand and by helping to stabilize the generation fromExpand
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The Solar Resource
Solar energy is generated by nuclear fusion reactions within the Sun. The energy that radiates from the Sun is a mixture of ultraviolet, visible, and infrared radiation. The intensity of thisExpand
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Middle Palaeolithic and Neolithic Occupations around Mundafan Palaeolake, Saudi Arabia: Implications for Climate Change and Human Dispersals
The Arabian Peninsula is a key region for understanding climate change and human occupation history in a marginal environment. The Mundafan palaeolake is situated in southern Saudi Arabia, in theExpand
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